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LoopSpark is the best software for converting drop-ins to loyal members. Everything you need to run your business effectively

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All your tools in 1 place

Say "good-bye" to spread sheets, post it notes and expensive 3rd party email and texting services. With built-in email and two-way SMS, create targeted automated client journeys to convert prospects to members. Manage your staff with auto-task management, strengthen staff-client relationships through 2 way communications, and strengthen face-to-face conversations with real-time insights


All your data in one place. Sync your booking software to build full client profiles of all purchases, visits, notes, tasks and communications.

Email Template Builder

Design beautiful newsletters, promotions and auto email responders with our simple drag and drop email template builder.

Audience Segmentation

Targeted, real time reporting. Gain a deeper perspective on your customers' lives, providing for more personalized relationship building and perfectly targeted communications.


Good-bye repetitive tasks, hello "me time"! Setup unlimited automated emails, SMS, and staff tasks.

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Community Centric

All the tools you need to build, grow and maintain a thriving community. Save time behind the desk and spend more time with your clients! LoopSpark’s simple dashboard makes it easy for your whole staff to get involved. Automate your repetitive tasks, keep your staff motivated with an easy and organized tasking system, identify opportunities with behavioral audience segmentation.

Advanced behavior segmentation
Social profile matching
Full client profiles
2-way SMS
1-click class communications
Drag & Drop email builder
Task management system
Mobile apps
Grow your community

Use our tried and true client journey automations or create your own! Trigger the right communication at the right time to convert prospects to new clients, and introductory offers to memberships.

Win back, retain, and celebrate

Win-back lapsed clients and convert missed sales opportunities through automated communication and staff tasking. Retain current customers with beautiful email announcements, membership checkups, and lapsed member alerts. Celebrate all of your clients’ victories – birthdays, milestone classes, and challenges

Empower your staff

Empower VIP members – your staff. Keep your staff motivated with automated task management, save staff time with real-time reporting and automated communication, and empower your staff to build stronger relationships with your clients

Simple, no-trick pricing

All our tools at one simple price. Unlimited: contacts, reports, automations, SMS (US & CA only), and staff accounts.

Our monthly plan

No annual commitments, cancel any time. 30 day free trial, all features for one simple monthly rate. Scale your business without scaling your subscription plan

What's included
30-day Trial to start
2 1-on-1 onboarding calls
Local SMS number
Unlimited contacts
Automated emails & texts
No annual contract
Per location, per month
$189 USD

Frequently asked questions

Why is this important for me and my studio?

Your reporting software, email platform, texting and task management all in one beautiful dashboard for your entire staff. Save hundreds of dollars per month compared to subscribing to each service separately, and enjoy the ease of unlimited automations, reports, and insights.

How easy is it to set up?

Very easy! Sync with your booking software in a few clicks. Schedule your on-boarding call with a specialist to load your account with reports and automations, make your personalized tweaks, and set your new system live!

What makes LoopSpark different?

What once took 3+ services now exists in one beautiful interface! Segment your audience for real-time reporting, hyper targeted automated communications, and staff task management. With an assigned local SMS number, you and your staff can keep client communications organized and professional from your dashboard or mobile app.

Who do we integrate with?

MINDBODY Online, Pike13, FitDEGREE, ClubReady

Can I send newsletters as well?

Absolutely! In addition to automated communications, LoopSpark can be used for newsletters, event announcements, class cancellation notifications and any other 1-time-only announcement. Still spending money on a 3rd party email platform for newsletters? Try LoopSpark’s easy drag-and-drop email template builder!

Can I use LoopSpark on my phone?

Oh yeah! With our mobile app for Apple and Android, you can respond to client SMS conversations immediately, work on your task list, and view client profile information.

Do I have to run reports every day?

Nope! Save time with those daily/weekly reports! Save unlimited number of “evergreen” reports in your account that will be automatically updated with your booking software’s most up-to-date information.